Winter Seminar 2023: The Doctrine of the Trinity as the Foundation for the Christian Life.

Dr. Ryan McGraw


Seminar Details

This year, we are pleased to welcome Dr. Ryan McGraw for our Fifth Annual Winter Seminar, January 19-21 of 2023. Rev. Dr. McGraw (PhD, University of the Free State, South Africa) is the Morton H. Smith Professor of Systematic Theology at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, where he has served since 2013.

Ryan M. McGraw (PhD, ThM, MDiv, BA) has, as of 2019, published 23 books, many articles, and numerous reviews. His research foci include Trinitarian theology, Latin Reformed Scholastic texts, and the whole scope of systematic theology in relation both to scholarly and popular audiences. He is a journal and book editor, speaks at conferences internationally, and co-edits with Joel Beeke the Cultivating Biblical Godliness series. He has pastored churches in the PCA and the OPC and he continues to serve as a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. He is married and has four children and he loves skateboarding.

You can learn more about Dr. McGraw and his published works via the GPTS website here.

In partnership with our friends at the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, this year’s conference/course will be on the theme “God in Three Persons: The Doctrine of the Trinity as the Foundation for the Christian Life.”

Come to the Blue Ridge mountains this winter and join Dr. McGraw as together we explore the biblical foundations for this utterly crucial and oft-misunderstood and undervalued doctrine. We’ll think through what the Scriptures teach regarding our Triune God and our fellowship with Him, and also examine how this doctrine has been understood by the church down through the ages.

The conference will take place 6:00-9:00 PM on Thursday (1/19), 6:00-9:00 PM on Friday (1/20) and 9:00-5:00 PM on Saturday (1/21).


Course Description:

This year’s conference and seminar will also serve our MDiv students as the required course on Discipleship and Sanctification. Traditionally, this course addresses the need for developing a philosophy of ministry that focuses on building followers of Christ in a church and/or parachurch ministry environment. This year’s course will continue to address that matter, but with a particular and special emphasis on the doctrine of the Trinity and the role such a doctrine plays in the Christian’s spiritual life and growth. Some attention is given to the concept of disciple-making in general. Additionally, this course emphasizes methodology, responsibility for personal growth in Christ, and a concern for the spiritual well-being of others. This involves the study of Scripture for personal nurture and the exercise of certain disciplines necessary for spiritual growth.


Location: Waverly Place Baptist Church (1407 Kenwood Blvd SE, Roanoke, VA 24013)

Course details: Course Syllabus is available HERE.

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