Introduction to Theological Studies
Rev. Sean Morris and Rev. Doug Hart



Class Details

Tuesday evenings, 6:30-8:30pm, beginning February 6

Location: Fellowship Community Church in Salem, VA

Course Syllabus is available: HERE

This course is the BRITE introduction to theology and ministry from the standpoint of the institute’s confessional, theological and pastoral commitments and convictions. The classroom lectures and interaction, and the reading assignments for this course will acquaint the student with important exegetical, theological, historical, and practical issues for Christian life and ministry. Students will see the integral connection between theology and ministry (and, indeed, all vocation): that all theology is practical and that life, vocation and biblical pastoral ministry must flow out of and be founded upon sound biblical theology. Students will be equipped to apply their studies in all areas of labors, and to derive their theology of ministry from theological commitments. This course will also serve to give an introduction/”bird’s eye view” of all the various departments of study in which a student will engage during their time with BRITE.

Old Testament: The Poets [Job through Song of Solomon]
Rev. Kyle Ferguson 

Class Details

Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30pm, beginning February 6

Location: Fellowship Community Church in Salem, VA

Course Syllabus is available here: HERE

This course examines the literary structure, themes, and history of the wisdom literature of the Old Testament, with an emphasis on understanding these texts in their own historical and literary context, how they fit into redemptive history, and what they mean for God’s people today.





BRITE Summer Institute of Biblical Languages (SIBL)

Biblical Hebrew: Rev. Kyle Ferguson        Biblical Greek: Mr. Tobias Riggs 

Class Details

The BRITE Summer Institute for Biblical Languages (SIBL) provides thorough, intensive introductions to the biblical languages. Hebrew and Greek are offered during a special summer intensive in which each language is studied 2.5 hours per night, two nights per week for approximately 13 weeks. This is the equivalent of two semester classes. During this period, students will complete a full year of language study (Hebrew 1 and 2 or Greek 1 and 2), thus enabling them to begin studying, reading, and translating the Bible in the original languages!

When: Tuesday and Thursday nights during the summer, 6:00pm-8:30pm, June 5-August 30.

Where: Location TBD. Check back here for the most up-to-date information.

How: Apply as a student, see course syllabi, register for classes here. Cost is $75 (whether for credit or audit).

Hebrew Course Syllabus, when available, will be posted HERE.

Greek Course Syllabus



God’s Big Picture: Understanding the Theology and Storyline of the Bible 



Dr. Duncan Rankin

***PLEASE NOTE: this class, originally scheduled for Spring 2018, has now been re-scheduled to occur in the FALL of 2018. Thank you for your understanding.***

Class Details

Monday Evenings, 7pm-9pm, beginning September 10. 

Location: Christ Church Radford

Course details: please view the Course Syllabus: God’s Big Picture. (please note, this is the course syllabus from Fall 2017, but the 2018 syllabus will be practically identical. We will post the updated course syllabus as soon as it is available)


Dr. Rankin is an Honorably Retired PCA minister living in SW Virginia who also serves as an Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary, and now as an adjunct faculty member with BRITE.

Raised in a Southern Presbyterian home with shared roots in the Moravian ministry, Dr. Rankin graduated summa cum laude from Clemson University in Ceramic Engineering, where he was founding president of the campus Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. After working for DuPont at the Savannah River Laboratory and Ph.D. studies in Materials Science at the Massachusetts Institutes of Technology, the Lord redirected Duncan’s steps from a successful career in the sciences towards the Gospel ministry in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). After completing his Master of Divinity studies at Covenant Theological Seminary and Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) in Jackson, Mississippi, he took his Ph.D. at the New College of the University of Edinburgh by writing on “Carnal Union with Christ in the Theology of T.F. Torrance.”

Appointed to the Department of Systematic Theology at RTS-Jackson in 1993, Duncan served 10 years full time, teaching courses in dogmatic and historical theology. Active on the Theology and Strategy Working Group of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, Duncan was also a recipient of a John Templeton Foundation 1999 Science and Religion Course Prize and taught a course in Science and Theology at RTS.  At the Millennium, the Rankin family escaped the ravages of Y2K by sojourning in the quiet Scottish Highland village of Muir of Ord, before Duncan served as guest minister for Dr. David Robertson at St. Peter’s Free Church of Scotland in Dundee, home of the historic pulpit of Rev. Robert Murray M’Cheyne and current home of the SOLAS Ministry.

Since 2003, Duncan has pastored churches in Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, and most recently as the Associate Minister of Christ Church (PCA), Katy, Texas.  In addition to service at RTS, Duncan is also a member of the Board of Directors for GRACE—a Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment and a Visiting Professor for Ligonier Ministries’ Reformation Bible College, Sanford, Florida.  He and his wife Shirley have three fine children.

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Biblical and Social Ethics



Dr. Carlton Wynne

Class Details 

We are pleased to have Dr. Carlton Wynne join us for our Winter Intensive course on Biblical and Social Ethics. Dr. Wynne is assistant professor of systematic theology and apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, PA.

For further details, please view the Course Syllabus HERE

     Students taking for course credit:

     You may download the Gaffin article mentioned in the syllabus HERE

     You may download the Kline article mentioned in the syllabus HERE

Location: Grace Church in Roanoke, VA

Course Date

January 18-20 (Thursday through Saturday: 6pm-9pm Thursday and Friday; 9am-5pm Saturday)

Course Description

In an age of moral relativism and ethical chaos, it is imperative for Christians to think seriously, deeply, and biblically about the basis for our ethics and values. Studying a topic like this is surely essential to the health of the church in our day.

In this seminar, we will be introduced to terminology, major views, and problems in the study of ethics and to a biblical basis for morality, covering the breadth of the Scriptures from mankind’s first and common and root ethical dilemma in the Fall of Adam, to the culmination of righteousness in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Basic concerns and current issues in social ethics will be covered as well.

Course Objectives

• To familiarize the student with standard terminology, concepts, and issues involved in ethics, both Christian and non-Christian.

• To provide the student with a survey and critique of non-Christian theories of ethics.

•To equip the student with a biblical model for ethical decision-making.

• To assist the student in thinking through the application of God’s Word to a range of contemporary ethical issues.

• To develop the student’s ability to think critically about contemporary ethical issues and to articulate a well-reasoned Christian position on those issues.

Faculty Biography

Rev. Dr. R. Carlton Wynne is assistant professor of systematic theology and apologetics. He has served as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church in America, and has co-edited with Derek Thomas Zeal for Godliness: Devotional Meditations on Calvin’s Institutes.

Dr. Wynne’s academic interests include trinitarian theology, apologetics, and biblical theology in the tradition of Geerhardus Vos. He is particularly interested in the integration of those areas of study and their bearing on the life of the church. For those who are new to Dr. Wynne’s writing and teaching on these interests, he recommends several resources as places to start. On trinitarian theology and redemptive history, consider his lecture on Wolfhart Pannenberg. On various topics, consider several, recent posts: “Was Jesus Morally Depraved? An Assessment,” “The Possibility of the Resurrection,” “Praying in the Whirlwind,” “What Goes Up Must Have Come Down,” and “I Worshipped ‘Allah’ Last Sunday.”