Global Ministry Partners

In 2020, capitalizing on our already-established connections with various churches and church leaders around the world, the BRITE Board of Trustees authorized the creation of the Global Ministry Partnership Endeavor.

The mission of BRITE has always been to provide high-level theological education and training to individuals for whom traditional seminary education may not be an option. BRITE has always had a special emphasis on bringing quality training to lay people as well. BRITE is still executing this same mission, but now on a wider scale.

Working closely with our network of friends and partner churches in places throughout Europe, West Africa, Asia, and elsewhere, this Global Ministry Partnership Endeavor seeks to bring high-level theological education to the mission field, both in congregations and in formal training centers, at the request of local church pastors and leaders. As able, BRITE provides or coordinates both online and in-person training and education suited to the needs of the areas’ churches.

These are exciting days at BRITE. We invite you to learn more by watching the video below and consider partnering with us in our mission by financially supporting this effort as you are able.