We welcome your investment in the ministry of BRITE. We are daily dependent on the support of the Lord’s people to provide for the theological training of our students. We believe an investment in the life of BRITE students will yield tremendous dividends as they are used of the Lord to win people to Christ, to further build up the church as they pour back what they have learned into the life of their local ministries, in their own edification, and in the wider health and edification of Christ’s body as our students grow and seek to become more faithful followers of the Lord Jesus. Our prayer is that it will become likely that the lives of our children or grandchildren in this region will at sometime be touched by the ministry of a BRITE graduate.

We invite you to join other friends and churches who have partnered with BRITE to provide training to students who desire to deepen their ministry, grow in their knowledge and experience, and further sharpen their lives for ministry and service.

Our desire is to serve students of all walks of life within the church: pastors, future pastors, elders, deacons, Sunday school teachers, Bible study leaders, discipleship group leaders, church members wishing to deepen their biblical and theological knowledge, moms, dads, married folks, singles, retirees, missionaries, and more. We desire BRITE to be an institute where our students will be given the sound theology they need to be well equipped for practical ministry and service.

Our tuition is kept low in order to make BRITE courses affordable and accessible to all, and the costs of education and operation are offset by generous donors who believe in the mission of BRITE for Southwest Virginia. Tuition alone does not cover all the costs of a BRITE education, and your prayerful financial contributions are needed to meet the challenge of equipping our students.

BRITE is a registered, legally incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. All donations are tax-deductible.